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Who we are


In just over a century, Christianity in Africa has grown from about 9 million people in 1910 to over 600 million in the present. This phenomenal growth has thrust Africa at the very center of God’s global mission in the 21st century. It is noteworthy that Africans are currently at the top leadership level of some largest international mission organizations. At the same time, African diaspora Christians & people of African descent are playing a major role in revitalising Christianity in many parts of the world.

It is estimated that there are over 140 million people of African descent living in the diaspora which includes a new wave of African migrants to Europe and North America on the wings of globalization.  In the new African immigrant Christian communities, we find attempts not just to affirm the supremacy of Christ but also their own mission agenda within secularizing Western societies as far as Christian presence is concerned.   

We believe that God has raised His church in Africa and among people of African descent to be a blessing to all the nations of the world in line with the promise of God to Abraham (Genesis 12).

Africa has enriched the nations of the world through coercion, force, exploitation, migration etc. Through it all, Africa has become the recipient of God’s grace and the bearers of His grace to the nations of the world.

We believe that this is the season that Africa will bless the nations from a willing, intentional and joyful giving of resources and people to the Mission of God (Psalm 68: 31;Isaiah 18:7-8).

If effectively mobilized and prepared the Church in Africa in collaboration with people of African descent in the diaspora, could provide a large harvest force and resources to reach the world’s least reached communities. 

Africa on the globe map.

Brief History of SEND AFRICA

In 2016, Ebenezer Aryee, Sam Ngugi, Daniel Appiah and Alan Webster were attending a consultation in Philippines. During this time they got into an intensive reflection about mission mobilization dynamics in continental Africa. They were all involved in the ministry of mobilization in their respective countries and regions. This discussion culminated in the “consensus” that Africa needed “total mobilization” – an expression that encapsulated a kind of mobilization capable of unleashing the full potential of the African Church to SEND the whole gospel to the whole world, with specific emphasis on reaching the least reached peoples. Further discussions and shared experiences of mobilizing Africans both in the diaspora and the continent culminated to a shared vision for a strategic, intentional and broad network to SEND AFRICA, in 2019. 


To catalyse and enable the church of Africa to mobilize effective mission movements to the nations in collaboration with Afro-diaspora Christians


To bless the nations of the world through total mobilization of Africans and all people of African descent for a willing, intentional, and joyful giving of people and resources to the Mission of God.

Core Values

As a network the following values will infuse our whole way of working:


We want to empower individuals, churches and mission agencies. We are not seeking to direct or oversee

Afro-diaspora led

Healthy partnering

We believe that together we are stronger and more effective and commit to real and lasting collaboration


We believe we are stronger and most effective when all Afrodiaspora Christians are able to participate, from all the African Nations, from many church backgrounds, men and women and young and old

International Leadership Team

Rev. Ebenezer Aryee


Mr. Sam Ngugi


Mr. Alan Webster

South Africa

Rev. Daniel Hyde Appiah


Dr. Pearl Kupe


Dr. Jacques Compaore

Burkina Faso

Dr. Yaw Perbi


David Riad