Level ONE


Aims at educating, inspiring, envisioning & challenging all God's people and all expressions of the body of Christ to discover God’s mission for all nations and play their specific role in God's mission to the nations intentionally and strategically.

Level TWO


Developing the missional capacity of God’s people to engage fruitfully in God's mission to the nations. This entails investing in mission research, development of missional-discipleship programs and cross-cultural training, envisioning the growth of missional churches. Level 2 is building the capacity of the mobilized harvest force to engage fruitfully in world missions.



This is deploying or facilitating the sending of goers/missionaries to the frontline field ministry for fruitful service. This is sending spiritually mature, well prepared, well-supported workers to the field, and providing the structure and systems for their healthy sustenance and care so they can be as fruitful as they can be in reaching the unreached.


The purpose of membership is to invite all those who share in the vision of SEND AFRICA to collaborate and join in unity to make the vision a reality.

SEND AFRICA needs all African Christians, wherever they are in the world, to join in and join up!  The task cannot be done without members.


Membership is aimed at all African Christians both within Africa and those in the African diaspora around the world.  (NB mirror the wording from the vision document). 

There are 3 types of membership available:

  • Individual
  • Organisation
  • Network

SEND AFRICA recognises that there are others within the global mission community who wholeheartedly support the vision of SEND AFRICA but are not primarily African, or of African descent.  SEND AFRICA is keen to work alongside ALL who share the vision and would like to welcome others from the global mission community as:

  • Individual affiliate
  • Organisational affiliate
  • Network affiliate


All those who are members or affiliates must:

  • Agree with the vision and outcomes of SEND AFRICA
  • Agree with the statement of faith of SEND AFRICA
  • Agree with the core values of SEND AFRICA


There is no set fee for becoming a member or affiliate of SEND AFRICA.  Rather we ask that all who share the vision of SEND AFRICA contribute gifts according to their ability. 

SEND AFRICA will develop ways that enable donations to be easily received in different regions of the world.


By signing up in membership OR affiliating with SEND AFRICA, the following will apply:

  • Being part of an exciting move of God in Africa and amongst African Christians to change the world and bring the gospel and discipleship to many unreached people
  • Learn new skills
  • Share your learning
  • Access to new resources
  • Help develop new resources
  • Be encouraged and encourage others
  • the International Leadership team will be drawn from the membership


All those who sign up as members or affiliates agree to the following:

  • Trust and respect the International Leadership team. This means taking direction from them and taking any concerns directly to them.
  • Abide by the values and live out the SEND AFRICA vision in both personal and organisational life
  • Take care to guard the good reputation of SEND AFRICA
  • Be careful of sharing private information with others or information that could damage the security of others
  • Donate how the Lord leads and how you are able to the work of SEND AFRICA
  • Look for ways to participate and increase the work of SEND AFRICA
  • Be willing to learn new ways of doing ministry
  • Be willing to challenge and be challenged


There are numerous ways to participate in the vision:

Man praying in church


personally, within your organisation, together with others

Dad giving coins to his daughter


money or gifts as you feel led and are able. All gifts are precious and valued however large or small

The female doctor sitting and checking the patient's history.


time and skills. Maybe you can undertake some key tasks for SEND AFRICA, maybe you have a skill or experience that can be shared with others?

African Woman Leading Business Meeting


at events, on a subgroup, maybe as part of the International Leadership Team

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